Helping the whole person beyond HIV/AIDS treatment

Read our press release on new name and new brand.

Why does GSP need a new name?

  • To reflect the evolution of HIV and AIDS treatment and care management. Those we serve are successfully living with HIV and have not only survived but are thriving today.
  • To be more relevant. Our programs, core services and focus have changed over 35 years, however, the name and brand have not.
  • To support the next generation of care. There is new hope and options for those living with HIV. We have some of the highest viral load suppression numbers in the KC metro area, state and nation.
  • To reflect our strategy to move beyond HIV/AIDS treatment and into more cohesive programming to support the holistic health and lifestyle needs of our clients.
  • To reflect the expansion of services, such as mental health, entrepreneurial initiatives and a mobile health initiative.
  • To connect in a meaningful way to a new community and changing customer base. We moved into a new building located in one of two zip codes with the highest population living with HIV/AIDS and the lowest life expectancy. This area has some of the city’s greatest unmet social and health needs.

For more information on our name change, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

“The name Good Samaritan Project has served us well, but it’s neither reflective of those we serve today nor our mission. People are living longer with HIV/AIDS thanks to the advancement of medicine. However, they are facing new health challenges and their needs continue to evolve. Our new name, Thrive Health Connection, is an important step in our organization’s growth as we continue to connect those we serve with resources – healthcare-related and otherwise – so they can thrive!”

The Rev. Charles Everson, President, Board of Directors

What does the new brand represent?

Our new brand better represents our plans for service expansion, plus our vision to be a leader in creating a healthy, thriving community. Additionally, it signifies:

  • Continued hope for the future;
  • Emphasis on the relational aspect of the organization with those we serve, the community and our partners;
  • Helping the whole person beyond HIV/AIDS treatment; and
  • An aspirational goal for all involved.

“Our new name, Thrive Health Connection, embodies the spirit and hope with which we are making a difference in the lives of Kansas Citians affected by HIV.”

John Escalada, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Our New Name: Thrive Health Connection

The process to develop the new name and brand involved representatives from all stakeholders, including customers, staff, community partners, volunteers, donors and board members. Thrive Health Connection was the best choice for our new name based on all input and market research and was well received and approved by our Board of Directors. It’s a good fit for the mission and vision of the organization and is forward focused. “Thrive” is positive and uplifting. It represents wellness, whole person care and the resources for thriving in life. “Thrive” is what those we serve can do in their lives—it’s an aspirational goal.

“Health Connection” clearly defines the role our organization serves as a provider, link to health services, referral base and as a connector to community and partner resources.

Our new tagline, “educate, empower, enrich,” represents the aims of our programs, what the client contributes, and the customers’ ownership of their own health and future. The “empower and enrich” are elevating and inspirational for the individuals and community we serve.

“Good Samaritan Project has long been a place where those living with HIV/AIDS could go for care without judgement. However, over time, medicine evolved allowing HIV+ people to live longer creating new challenges and needs. Thrive Health Connection now has an opportunity to provide the next generation of care for those it serves and be a leader, again, in our community.”

Ernest Williams, Retired, HIV Contract Specialist, Kansas City, Missouri Health Department

Our New Logo

“Thrive” is the bold focal point of the new logo. The “V” icon is made up of two parts. The bottom part looks like a checkmark and could signify verification or a bold action. The top “V” form is respectful of GSP’s legacy. It’s symbolic of the former heart and hands icon representing compassion, care and belonging.  It’s more modern with an actual bend upward to the future on the left side. The red/orange color is also indicative of a heart. The colors are vibrant, bold and purposefully neutral to represent inclusion. The red/orange is also a playful nod to the color of our building on Prospect Avenue.

“It is a critical time to rebrand. We need to expand our reach. There are so many individuals that can benefit from our services, if only they knew about them. Developing a brand that brings to life our mission and purpose is step one to positively impacting more people in our community and making it easier for them to find us.”

Julie Mosburg, Board of Directors, and member of the Marketing Communications Rebrand Committee

Our Commitment

Our name and logo have changed, but our commitment to those individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have entrusted us to help care for them has not.

We will provide the same:

  • Exceptional care management and focus on integrated, holistic health;
  • Continued partnerships with organizations who can support the additional needs of those we serve in housing, food security, financial support, job training, mental health, substance abuse and more;
  • Organization-wide values of acceptance, hospitality, respect and inclusion; and
  • Promise to continue evolving and supporting our community to thrive now and into the future.

Our Future

We are excited to share the news about our new name and logo. Over the next several months, we will update our materials to reflect the new brand. We will continue to honor the 35-year legacy of GSP this year and into next year.

We’re working on many exciting new programs, including onsite mental health services. We’re also looking ahead to mobile health services and an entrepreneurial venture to provide job training, a safe gathering place and a new stream of revenue.

Usage and Guidelines

The Thrive Health Connection name combined with the mark (icon or image) that represents the company logo are registered trademarks.

Thrive Health Connection permits its clients, community partners, funders, vendors, business partners and the media to use its name, logos, web pages, screenshots and other brand features only in limited circumstances and as specified through request in adherence to the provided Brand Guidelines. By using Thrive Health Connection’s mark or logo, you agree to adhere to these Guidelines. If you have a separate agreement with Thrive Health Connection that addresses use of the brand, that agreement shall govern your use of the Thrive Health Connection marks.

To request the Brand Guidelines and permission to use the Thrive Health Connection mark or logo, please contact Brian Williams in the Development Department (bwilliams@thrivehealthkc.org) or call 816-778-0786.