We’re here to counteract the impact of HIV in KC by working to prevent future infections and by helping to extend and enrich the lives of those already living with HIV/AIDS.

A History of Help & Hope

Thrive Health Connection has been at the forefront of the HIV epidemic since 1984. In the years that followed, Thrive Health Connection, and its army of volunteers and staff, rallied to the side of the dying to provide the most comfortable, dignified and supportive palliative care possible. Today, thanks largely to biomedical and programmatic advancements, HIV has become a manageable, if still challenging chronic condition for the 1.2 million people living with the virus in the U.S. Although tens of thousands of lives have been saved and extended, there remain significant hurdles in getting everyone living with HIV access to quality care, on antiretroviral therapy and virally suppressed – a central goal in containing the effects HIV has on people and communities across the Kansas City region.

As Kansas City’s original HIV/AIDS services provider, Thrive Health Connection today provides services to one-in-six people living with HIV in the region – helping them to acquire health insurance, navigate the health system, and connect with medical and supportive services both at Thrive Health and across the region. We strive to keep customers engaged in care in partnership with allied organizations and with support from the Kansas City Health Department, the Missouri and Kansas State Health Department through free, on-demand screenings for HIV and other STIs at our facility and throughout the region.

Help to acquire health insurance

Help to navigate the health system

Help to connect with medical and support services